The Critical Elements of a Business Strategy


Welcome to the next issue in our blog series about business strategy. It’s important that you implement your strategy correctly so today we’ll cover the critical elements of any business strategy..

The elements of a business strategy are the foundations on which every strategy must be based, and it’s important that you define them clearly, and in a contextualized way. Your strategy should be unique to your business and speak to its mission.  

What we present here are some critical elements that you should begin defining.

We recommend that you gather your team, important collaborators, and perhaps even key suppliers and begin asking questions of them that will allow you to define each of the elements in detail. 

The success of your business strategy will depend on defining  these elements correctly, so that you develop a strategy that takes into account the complete reality of your business.

#1: Business culture

Business culture is the first of the key elements for the design of a business strategy. While the strategy may include different functions, any type of strategy for the growth, expansion and optimization of your business must be based, first and foremost, on the culture of your company.

The culture of any business is one that governs the behavior of the company and provides a roadmap for all involved on how they should conduct their business.

Company culture consists of the company’s values, mission, and business philosophy. It is critical that these aspects are well defined and articulated to  every member of your team. 

The cultural element allows you to establish the principles and ideals that will serve as a starting point for strategy planning. 

#2: Objectives

The creation of a business strategy requires that you know what you’re aiming for, what goals you want to accomplish, and which ones take priority over others. This starts with taking the time to define the objectives of the strategy. 

Whatever objectives you decide on must be both attainable and  measurable. There is no point in setting lofty objectives that are not unreachable or unmeasurable because you’ll likely never be able to gauge your progress towards those goals and eventually give up on them. 

So establish clear, attainable, and measurable objectives early in the game as they are one of the indispensable elements for the success of any business strategy. 

The success of your strategy will depend on your ability to meld its elements together and define  them properly when creating your strategy. This is where The Scale Collective can help. Our advisors mentor you while we work collaboratively on developing and curating your strategy to ensure your success.

#3: The business model

Once your objectives are properly defined  it is important to define  how you could achieve them, and for this purpose a methodology is established. A well defined  methodology is the core of any business strategy as it defines the required steps to succeed with implementing the strategy.

The business model is that methodology – explained differently,  your business model is the  way in which your company will operate to achieve the objectives. 

#4: Resources

Any effective business strategy requires the right resources. 

Defining the right resources for the fulfillment of the strategy is key. These resources range from technology, your team’s unique talent and abilities, strategic investments, and more.

Knowing how to use each resource effectively to achieve your objectives will give you an early advantage. 

Your plan will only be functional if you know what you need to fulfill each of its stages. This implies detailing out what technologies you will need, the breadth and volume of personnel required, and the economic resources you will have available.

#5: Value proposition

The last of the elements is your Value Proposition. This is where you define the differentiating factors of your business and the irresistible offer that you will present  to your potential customers. This must be part of the business strategy, because it provides the basis upon which you will be able to improve your value delivery and it will determine your position within your market. A clear value proposition will send the correct message to customers about the value that you deliver and the unique ways you deliver that value. . 

We hope that these elements will provide a roadmap on how to design an effective business strategy. To learn more about how we can help you attain your goals, reach out to us today!

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