The Three Types of Business Strategies


At The Scale Collective, it is our mission to  share content that brings value to your business. In today’s blog we want to share with you three types of business strategies that, once learned and put into practice,  will help you improve your business operations.

Implementing the right strategy makes success easier to achieve. We define business success as  the completion of goals, and instituting efficient  and productive operational processes that help the business increase revenues and expand in the market.

Many businesses operate in a competitive  business environment which puts a lot of pressure on the management team to produce results.  During challenging times, however,  you don’t need to make sacrifices such as cutbacks or  layoffs, nor should you sacrifice your well-being working long hours that increases your  stress levels. All you need is a correct business strategy.

The following strategies will help you plan effectively and achieve more within your business. If you’d like to learn more about developing a winning strategy for your business , The Scale Collective is here to help.

#1: Corporate Level Strategy

This is one of the most important strategies for your company. A corporate business strategy helps you define your company’s mission, vision and values.

Establishing these important ideals will help  the company make clear decisions and direct your company towards specific goals – preventing you from having to make unguided decisions that do not align with  your goals. As an example, a company with a solid corporate business strategy provides leadership with the criteria in which to decide with which companies they will create alliances. 

A corporate strategy allows you to set long-term goals and define processes that make  decision making more efficient while allowing management to define which market to target.

With a corporate business strategy,  you will be able to better define the identity of your company, and from that identity  will come the resolutions and approaches for the company brand. 

From there you can schedule events to promote the brand, its products or services, conduct  networking, make strategic alliances, and have a clear vision of  which third-party events to sponsor to achieve more visibility and positioning. 

#2: Competitive Strategy 

This  strategy is also vital for the growth of your company, although we must clarify that before establishing a competitive strategy, you first need to define the corporate strategy.

A competitive strategy defines the way in which you expect and want your company to market itself.

A competitive strategy usually focuses on marketing and advertising strategies,  all of which incorporate market analysis, target customers, competitive analysis, product demand analysis, among others. 

This strategy usually involves implementing a medium term  timeframe that is reviewed from time to time for effectiveness.

#3: Functional

A functional business strategy focuses on the organizational scheme and focuses on concepts such as:

  • Roles 
  • Departments.
  • Vacancies.
  • Work schedules.
  • Salaries

The strategy focuses on the  logistical elements that assist in establishing  well controlled processes with which it will be possible to offer products or services to the market.

If implemented correctly, this business strategy will provide advantages for your company in the areas of customer service and the production chain. 

These are the three types of business strategy that you can develop today  to improve the operations and functionality of your company. As you can see – all three are necessary and work cohesively to help the company succeed.

If you’d like to learn more, join us at The Scale Collective today!

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