What is Business Strategy and why is it important?


At The Scale Collective we want to help your business grow.  That’s why we are starting our blog series with a focus on business strategy.  It’s important that you not only understand this concept and its importance, but that you can also start putting it into practice.

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What is a business strategy?

A business strategy is a process that allows you to better dictate the direction that your company will take as it grows. It also allows for monitoring and continuous improvement to the strategy along the way.. 

To start, the vision and general objectives of the strategy are identified, and then smaller, more specific goals are set, which will help you to monitor the strategies effectiveness.

With this strategic approach, specific goals are assigned to the company’s departments and/or key collaborators. 

It’s necessary to keep in mind that for each company, both the general objectives and the actions taken to complete them will vary. However, the process of creating the business strategy is based on simple processes that can be applied to all types of companies.

Why is Business Strategy important?

Here are some of the reasons why having a strategy is critical  for your business:

#1: It helps you plan

Planning is the basis for success in all areas of life, and, of course, this includes business. 

A business strategy allows you to define your company’s objectives and the steps that, if properly executed, will allow you to achieve it. 

When properly designed and implemented,  a strategy will  allow you to set proper expectations, determine an approximate time for achievement of goals, and identify what resources you will count on. 

#2: It makes foresight possible 

Adapting to unforeseen events and difficulties is key to success. While it is true that we cannot predict the future with complete accuracy,  we can prepare for all kinds of possible scenarios.

As such, the more adaptive your company is , the faster you will reach your goals, Within a business strategy you will be able to define action protocols, corrective methods and contingency plans. This is equivalent to having a tool kit readily available to counter difficult situations – one that will allow you to stay on course towards your pre-established goals.

Business owners should leverage business strategy to anticipate all kinds of inevitable financial or operational complexities. 

#3: It helps your company maintain stability

A business strategy provides a general sense of stability for your company, which ensures that initiatives are more likely to be carried out. 

The success rate of a company with an established strategy is higher, because it considers elements that are critical to growth – such as structure, organization, and management. 

In addition, an overall business strategy ensures that your company has an identity, clearly outlining how it stands out from the competition. This allows your commercial, marketing and sales strategies to be effective, which contributes to the overall stability to the company.

Having short, medium and long term growth goals also helps to keep the business vision focused correctly, so you can create expansion and development plans more adjusted to the reality of your company. We usually create 10 year, 5 year and 2 year plans – tweaking them along the way based on results and changes in the business environment.

It’s time to stop managing your business aimlessly and start implementing strategies that will steer your company toward success.

The Scale Collective can help throughout this journey. With our financial mentoring services, we’ll help you identify what success looks like for your business, set goals and objectives, create strategy timelines, and leverage tools for measuring success. Contact us today!

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